BC-3 - Metronic AKP


• Up to 3 batch systems
• One or two-step batching mode
• 5 measurement inputs
• 4 semiconducting output relays rated at 0.1 A / 60V
• 1 or 2 4-20mA analog outputs (optional)
• Valves can be controlled by relay outputs or by 4-20mA analog output
• 2 totalizers for each inputs or batcher
• Results recorded in internal 2GB memory
• USB port on front panel
• Ethernet port (Modbus TCP protocol, server www)
• RS-485 port (Modbus RTU protocol)


The device has five measurement inputs
• 2 x I, two inputs adapted for connection of transducers with a 0/4-20mA current output
• 3 x I/PULS, three inputs intended for connection of transducers with a 0/4-20mA current outputs or with a pulse output (range 0.0001Hz … 10kHz) 

Flow measurement

The device cooperate with flowmeters (e.g. ultrasonic, electromagnetic, vortex) with
• 0/4-20mA outputs signal proportional to flow
• impulse output with constant pulse value
• frequency output proportional to flow 

Batch features

The batching can by

• One step
• Two steps, to reduce batch overrun, flow rate is limited at the end of batching process

Two outputs relays provide control for dual stage batch. At the start of the bath valves (main and precise one) are open, at the end only the precise one.

If the analog outputs are used for control the valves the two steps of batch are executed by various values of current. BC-3(N) batcher contain “learn algorithm”: the device “learn” the amount of batch overrun and then seek to turn the batch off “early” by the average amount of the batch overrun. This feature may be enabled or disabled. 


• Two totalizers for each inputs and each of three batchers (A, B, C). 


The alarm situations signalized by the device

• Batch overrun: the amount of fluid is greater than the set point which was entered or the flow didn’t stop after a set time
• There in no flow after a specified period of time after opening the valve
• Flow started although there is no bathing 


BC-3 and BC-3N batch-controllers are used in many industries, in power plants and CHPs, in the metallurgical, food, chemical, wood and paper industries, etc. Examples include: dosing chemicals for manufacturing processes such as paper production.


This product is CE marked.
Declarations of Conformity are available on request.


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