FP-3031N - Metronic AKP

Flow computer

• Simultaneous consumption calculations in up to three different measurement systems (A, B, C) for separate process lines
• Flow and energy balancing (X, Y, Z systems)
• 10 measurement inputs
• Alarm and control functions: 4 alarm and control thresholds for each measurement channel
• 4 semiconducting output relays: alarm and control functions, operation in pulse output mode with fixed pulse weight
• 1 or 2 optional 4-20mA analog outputs
• Advanced recording function allows storage of measurement results in the internal 2GB data memory
• Color graphic LCD TFT display
• USB port on front panel
• Ethernet port (Modbus TCP protocol, server www)
• RS-485 port (Modbus RTU protocol)
• Software for visualization of measurement results 
• Wall-mounted case
19-buttons extended keyboard version (makes it easier to enter and edit numbers, text, formulas and passwords)
• Powered with 230V or 24 V 


Available in two versions

• Basic - implementation of one settlement system
• Extended - implementation of up to three settlement systems A, B, C 

Applications for steam, liquids and technical gases

Process values and calculations relevant to a single installation application are grouped in one system named main application. FP-3031 flow computer can handle up to three independent main applications A, B or C. Configuration wizard helps to setup one of possible applications
• The flow and heat of a liquid medium
• The flow and delta heat of a liquid medium in a closed supply-return installation
• The flow and delta heat of a liquid medium in an installation with different supply and return flow rates
• The flow and heat of a steam
• The flow and delta heat in a closed steam-condensate installation
• The flow and delta heat in a steam-condensate installation with different steam and condensate flow rates
• The flow and delta heat in a steam-generating installation with the supplied water flow rate measured
• The flow of a gas 

Flow rate measurement

• Mass flowmeters
• Volume flowmeters
• Differential pressure devices (orifices and nozzles) according to iteration algorithm according to PN-EN ISO 5167 standard (only for water and steam)


The device has ten measurement inputs
• 3 x RTD/I, three inputs adapted for connection of resistance temperature sensors (Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000) and transducers with a 0/4‑20mA current output
• 4 x I, four inputs for interaction with 0/4‑20mA transducers only
 3 x I/PULSthree inputs intended for connection of transducers with a 0/4‑20mA current output or with a pulse output (range 0.001Hz … 10kHz) 

Measurement and additional calculations

• 8 additional channels: measurement of additional quantities or calculations
• Additional quantities are omitted when performing calculations related to the flow measurement system
• Calculated quantities may serve as auxiliary values or be used directly in measurement systems 

Recording measurement results

• Recording to internal 2GB memory
• Checksum secured files - protection against result errors
• Recording frequency for main archive between 3 s and 24 h; define two recording frequencies, toggled upon exceeding the set alarm thresholds.
• Registration of counters, average, minimum and maximum values every 1 hour 

Other functions

• Ability to measure, display and record additional values not related to settlement systems (eg condensate level in the tank)
• Algorithm of overshooting of the ordered power and of the excess energy meter with the possibility of registration saturation of superheated steam
• Advanced user and password system
• 1 or 2 optional 4-20mA analog outputs
• Available also in panel case – FP-3031 


The FP-30x1(N) series flow computers are used in many industries: power plants, CHPs, metallurgical, food, chemical, wood and paper industries, etc. Example of application: calculating the amount of energy produced at the power plant; measurement of the flow and energy of steam used in the food industry for production purposes (pasteurization of processed products).


This product is CE marked.
Declarations of Conformity are available on request.


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