DL7 data logger in the shockproof case - Metronic AKP

DL7 data logger in the shockproof case

• Portable DL7 data logger
• Up to 3 I/O modules can be installed
• Supplying of sensors or transducers
• Up to 18 M12 connectors for connecting I/O signals
• M12 connector to connect the external power supply unit
• M12 connector for Ethernet port (option)
• M12 connector for RS-485 port (option)
• Tight closing of the housing lid, high protection class (IP67 for a closed case)
• The possibility of closing the housing with a padlock

DL7 Case KIT enables operating the DL7 data logger using storage batteries (from 3 to 12 hours, depending on the number and types of installed I/O modules) or operating the DL7 device using delivered external power supply unit and standby supplying in the event of voltage break (backup). The device enables supplying sensors or transducers connected to the recorder with using an external battery.

A typical configuration of the set consists of: DL7 data logger, PS_BATT module (powered by 2x9.6 V 4700 mAh batteries), power supply unit, M12 plugs with screw connectors and a case. For the Ethernet port and RS-485 port optional connectors are available. Additional I/O modules are installed in accordance with the custom order.
There is a possibility of individual configuration of connectors location (also outside the case).
Detailed information about available modules can be found in the DL7 User's Manual.

DL7 Case KIT doesn't contain data logger.
It is only sold in a set with DL7.

This product is CE marked.
Declarations of Conformity are available on request.


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