MPI-C - Metronic AKP

Multi-channel data logger in panel case

• 16 or 8 universal analog inputs
• 4 or 2 binary inputs
• 16 calculation channels
• 8 relay outputs – alarm and control functions
• Internal 2GB data memory, advanced data recording
• Color graphic LCD TFT display
• USB port on front panel with IP54 protection
• Ethernet port (Modbus TCP protocol, server www)
• RS-485 port (Modbus RTU protocol)
• Dedicated software for visualization of measurement results

Analog inpusts

 RTD sensors - type Pt100 and Ni100 and their multiples (e.g. Pt200)
• TC sensors - type J, L, K, T, U, E, N, B, R and S
• Transducers with 4-20mA or 0-20mA current loop output
• Transducers with 0Ω … 5000Ω resistance output
• Transducers with -0.8V … +0.8V voltage output
The inputs are galvanically separated from one another. A digital filter with selectable time constant enables measurement of noisy signals.

Binary inputs

• Measurement of frequencies within the 0.001Hz to 10kHz range
• Counting pulses
• Tracking and recording binary signal (shorting or disconnection)

16 calculated values

• Available functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and extraction of roots

Recording measurement results

• Recording to internal 2GB memory
• Checksum secured files - protection against result errors
• Recording frequency between 3s and 24h; define two recording frequencies toggled upon exceeding the set alarm thresholds

Relay output

• 8 semiconducting output relays rated at 0.1A / 60V

Other functions

• Totalizers – two totalizers per flow value (measured or calculated)
• Tracking minimummaximum and average value of each measured and calculated quantity in the selected time interval
• Advanced user and password system
• Settings are entered via keyboard or by uploading a file from USB flash drive (the file can be saved in advance on the same or another device)
• Cold junction temperature compensation TC any other temperature measuring channel or a constant value
• Event Log
• Authorized Operations Log
• Available also: MPI-CL – portable case, MPI-CN – wall-mounted case 


The MPI-C, MPI-CN and MPI-CL recorders are used in the energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgical industries, manufacturing, laboratories, and wherever measurement values registration are required. They are mainly used for recording eg. temperature, humidity, pressure, flow and flow rates. Example of apllication: monitoring of steam produced in boiler (pressure, temperature, flow rates).


This product is CE marked.
Declarations of Conformity are available on request.


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