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IMG 2774Thank you all for visiting us at Automaticon in Warsaw.
 10th April 2018


Dear Sfirma2ir or Madam,

We would like to inform you that from 4 April the telephone number and address company has changed.

New telephone number: +48 12 312 16 80.

New address: PL31- 426 Krakow, St. Zmujdzka 3, Poland


05th April 2018


DL2 Electronic Data Logger



Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to announce that in our offer we have a new product: Electronic data logger DL2

DL2 is a modular data recorder, created with a view to best adapt the device to individual customer needs. Each device includes a base module. Depending on the client needs, into device can be installed one or two input / output modules. 

Friendly interface and a 4" color touch screen are just a few of the facilities implemented to ensure the highest comfort of use of the product. We invite you to get familiar with our new products. 

05th March 2018

Dear Sir or Madam,

Currently, we use both new and old logo. As time passes, only the new logo will be apply.

02th January 2018


FP4 - Flow totalizer with data recording.


Dear Sir or Madam,

 We are pleased to announce that in our offer we have a new product: Flow totalizer with data recording FP4.

 FP4 is a modern, versatile and precise flow meter with internal data logging. Equipped with two analogue inputs (RTD, 4-20mA, voltage or resistive output transducers) and two PULS inputs (frequency measurement, pulse counting, binary signal tracking and recording), can measure flow and other values, such as temperature and humidity. In addition FP4 has two math channels and two counters assigned to each of the six available channels. All this in a device with a 4-inch touch screen.


Key features of the FP4 flow counter:

  • 2 analog inputs (RTD, 0/4-20mA).
  • 2 PULS inputs (frequency, pulses, binary signal).
  • Two counters available for each channel of the device.
  • 2 math channels.
  • 4” Touch screen LCD.
  • Ethernet port (Modbus TCPweb server).
  • RS485 port (Modbus RTU).
  • Recording data to internal 2GB memory.

FP4 enables cooperation with various types of flowmeters, transducers or sensors such as:

  • water meters,
  • ultrasonic, electromagnetic or volumetric flowmeters,
  • compressed air flow sensors,
  • pressure, humidity or level transducers,
  • temperature sensors.

Detailed information on FP4 devices can be found on the product pages.

 27th October 2017
Automaticon 2017
Thank you all for visiting us at Automaticon in Warsaw.
 04th March 2017

New measuring modules DL7 and DL7L


Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our range to include two new measuring modules dedicated to devices DL7 and DL7L.


Besides available so far modules:

  • input current loop (DL7-IN6I, DL7-IN6I (24V))
  • input RTD (DL7-IN6RTD)
  • thermocouple Input (IN6TC)
  • input voltage (IN6V)
  • relay output (OUT6RL)

Currently, there are also:

  • universal inputs module DL7-IN3, characterized 3 inputs, interaction with active transducers with standard current loop output 0-20mAor 4-20mA, temperature RTD sensors, TC sensors, transducers with standard voltage
    output -10V …+10V
  • binary inputs module IN6D- ability to work in a state mode, frequency measurement mode or pulse counting.

Detailed information on the devices definitely DL7 and DL7L can be found on the product pages.

12th January 2016

New function in mLog software!

 server odczyty


Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to inform you that the software database mLog has been enriched with new functions.

In the new version will include a:

  • bility to choose the frequency of writing the results to the database,
  • selectable resolution display results for individual records,
  • possible to declare the unit to each registers,
  • the ability copy settings between registers,
  • the ability to perform database backup,
  • the ability to scale the Y-axis on the chart,
  • two new languages: French and Spanish.

More information about the program mLog  you can find on subpage product.

25th November 2016

New functionality in DL7 and DL7L
serwer www en
Dear Sir or Madam,

      We are pleased to announce that it's available the new functionality in devices DL7 and DL7L allowing to download files from the archive devices via a web server.

This feature allows quick and easy access to archived data. It is particularly useful in the case where the device is installed at a distance or in a place difficult to access for the operator.
20th October 2016
DL7L multichannel electronic data logger with free-standing housing

na strone

We are pleased to announce that our new electronic recorder
DL7 is now also available in a free-standing housing.
DL7L is a modular data recorder, created with a view to best adapt the device to individual customer needs.
Apart from a large 7 "color display and full functionality available in DL7 model DL7L has a housing fitted with special feet for a comfortable setting instrument on the desk.

We invite you to read the new position in our offer.

 23th June 2016

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