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  Metronic AKP measuring instruments and recorders are currently used in both small and large industrial plants. Based on our products works both metering systems in power plants, refineries, food plants, steel plants, water and gas plants. We are constantly striving to improve and offer you perfect devices and service.

  Creating our devices, we pay special attention to high quality and reliability, not forgetting to maintain proper aesthetics of products. We try to make our devices easy and intuitive, and in case of any problems we are always ready to advise and help solve them. At the request of the customer we also realize the delivery of accessories for the control and measurement equipment of our own production.

  Metronic AKP actively participates in the development and customization of measuring equipment to meet individual needs and solves many unusual problems. All activities of the company are conducted in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9001-2015, which is confirmed by the relevant certificate. We strive to constantly improve the quality of the services we provide and get the most out of the opinion sour customers.

Metronic AKP offers customers

• high quality measurement instruments for industrial applications
• professional experience of our engineers and technical personnel
• training on our products
• short delivery terms
• favorable trading conditions
• attractive terms of cooperation with the assembly companies and design offices

 For final customers, we offer also

• technical support
• delivery of whole systems based on our products with sensors and accessories from third parties


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