Database software 

• Visualization of measurement data along with the record to the database
• Cooperation with devices with Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP
• Visualization in graphs and tables
• Flexible configuration data recording rate
• Export collected data to a CSV file
• Network version - access to a database with multiple computer stations
• Any number of results can be read and written
• The available information on the maximum and minimum values
• The available event log containing error messages
• The ability to view results in several windows at once 

Client server architecture

The software has a client-server architecture, which allows access to the data stored in the database from many client stations (for many operators)
mLog server: reading data from devices, transducers in Modbus RTU/TCP protocol, data recording into the database, current visualization of results
mLog client: reading archived data from the database (from date to date), visualization, export to CSV 


mLog server: the current data can be displayed in up to 18 windows: 6 groups of a maximum of 3 windows: the current value, table, graph
mLog client: data retrieved from the database is displayed as a graph and table 

Supported number formats

unsigned short integer 16b, signed short integer 16b, unsigned integer 32b, unsigned integer 32b swapped, signed integer 32b, signed integer 32b swapped, floating point 32b, floating point 32b swapped, signed long integer 64b, double floating point 64b


Data is stored in the database Firebird 2.5 by mLog server software. The mLog client software is used to retrieve data from the database (from date to date) 


The program requires activation (registration). There are two versions of licenses available
• mLog server one workstation + mLog client 3 workstation
• mLog server one workstation + mLog client unlimited number of workstations 

New functions

• Ability to select part of the records of results to the database
• Ability to select display resolution for individual registers
• Ability to declare individual units to individual registers
• Copy function between registers
• Ability to perform a database backup
• Possibility to scale the Y axis on the graph
• Two new languages: French and Spanish


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